Fashion Blogging: The Best of 2014

We have seen the best of Fashion style for 2014.  Most of the outfit inspirations comes from not just well known designers and brands but the online stores who caters street fashion dominates this year.

From trendy boutiques  to wholesale clothing, 2014 just show how fashion continues to grows and comfortable stylish clothing can be bought not just in designers stores but can also be found in the internet as well.

Since the booming world of new technology.  Internet open the doors for many opportunities. Online shops has been the new trends on shopping , wholesale sunglasses and creative killer shoes are been shared by many bloggers around the world.

Even if many says that blogging has gone soar but still there are many  fashion bloggers that are making waves in the internet this days. They are earning thousands and millions because of affiliates, online and offline collaborations and even speaking engagement and appearances.

There are many fashion sites that offers fashionable tips and ideas on how you can get a bargain and can look just like well known celebrities without going the extra mile of buying those expensive designers apparel and accessories. Fashion blogging definitely takes a new height.

Now that we just have started a new year, I know that there are many fashion ideas that will surely be revealed, you don’t need to follow the latest trends but of course, you can always get good inspirations from them.

Staying Cool and Fashionably Forward with Dressve Wool overcoat

Dressing with confidence and exuding power by simply accessorizing is so possible with the Dressve Wool Coats Whether it’s a cool day outside or whether you would simply want to dress up and enjoy the feeling of being warm all over, wool coats are the best fashion accessories for you. Available indifferent colors, sizes and designs, you’ll get nothing but the most fashion forward attire you would definitely love wearing at work, during cool and rainy seasons or when going abroad to cold and breezy countries.

Made from the best high quality wool,  this pink overcoat is a must have for woman who loves to travel in style.

Red is the color of elegance and this red wool overcoat is just perfect for office, travelling or just a day hanging out with friends.

Any simple dress like this from Dressve would become a classic and will definitely catch people’s attention when you cover it up with a nice fluffy and fashionable wool coat. Playing with color is not the only option that you have.You could even play around with the color designs, sleeve lengths as well as the different buttons and print designs available for these fashion apparels. You’ll never go fashionably wrong with these coats on.

5 Ways To Make Money Selling Things From Your Own Home

Your attic is a treasure trove of goodies. Your jewelry box can be converted into a stack of bills. But what if you aren’t sure which items are worth the effort? How do you know what’s priceless and what’s useless? Here are several goods that are always in demand from pawn shops, antique stores and gold buyers.

1: Coins

Old coins are a collector’s dream, especially if they’re from a rare year or notable mint. Plug the names and dates into a search engine to see if there’s any buzz about your particular currency. Don’t be discouraged if there isn’t, however; sometimes buyers will still take coins of middling interest just to stock their shelves or build starter packs for beginners.

2: Books

If your grandmother bequeathed to you a collection of old, dusty books, it’s worth checking the titles and seeing if anything jumps out at you. A lot of today’s classics weren’t classics in their own time, so if you can find a first edition of Lord of the Rings or Watership Down, you can sell it for thousands and thousands of dollars.

3: Baseball Cards

Let Babe Ruth pay the mortgage. Vintage baseball cards do booming business among collectors and sports fans alike; some people will even pay double or triple for cards that were personally autographed by their idols. If you have any Hall of Famers tucked away in a scrapbook, now is the time to let them shine.

4: Jewelry

Everyone loves a good pair of diamond earrings. Gold, too, is a hot commodity; it can be taken as-is or melted down for other purposes, so buyers will often resell gold jewelry at a premium. Engagement rings are another big seller. When your “I do” has turned into “I don’t care,” sell off your ring and use the money to find yourself a new date.

5: Bullions

Gold bars don’t see much use in the modern market, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less in demand than they were a century ago when pioneers sifted through rivers hoping to make it rich. Bullions are a timeless, almost invaluable asset, and they’ll fetch you a pretty penny from gold exchanges.

If you’re struggling to make it to your next paycheck, these five ideas should put a few extra dollars in your pocket. You can also get in touch with local pawn shops and gold buyers directly. Visit this site to see what they’re willing to take off your hands!

Customized Belts for Fashionable people

People can show off their unique style and personal name by wearing custom leather belts. Such belts are made of authentic leather material that is often imported from the finest producers of such materials like Italy. There are unique belts that feature different themed designs based on a person’s traits and interests. For example, a woman can select a leather belt that has beautiful floral designs. An an avid hiker can select a belt that has a design featuring mountains, landscapes and outdoor terrains.

Personalized leather name belts can be customized with first and last names that appear in the front. The text font can be selected just like in computer word programs. Leather belts with personal names usually feature embossed text and graphics. The embossing guarantees that the markings remain on the bolt for decades. The finest quality leather belts are usually made of materials with dark brown textures. Such belts are ideal for cowboy style personalities and other southern or western personas in the United States.

The belt buckle can also be customized with unique features such as graphics and decorations. For example, skulls and bones can be integrated into the perimeter of a metal belt buckle. Similarly, exotic trees and flowers make popular belt buckle designs for women of all ages. The metal buckles can be made of different materials and finishes such as stainless steel, bronze, nickel, chrome and sterling silver. Gold plated finishes are sometimes applied to expensive high quality belts made of authentic leather.

Artistic gifts for the real artist

Gift shops are a dependable source of local arts and crafts items, and they’re also an interesting online experience for fans of gift shop items. For visitors and artists alike, online gift shops like provide an opportunity to meet the culture and the people of an interesting place or community. As people opt to vacation locally in the United States, gift shops become important places to share a community’s story. Due to the new wave of artisans and crafts people in the last few years, gift shops have blurred the distinction between online and in-store gift shops and received a greater amount of attention from visitors off site. Artists ad visitors in search of new and compelling artistic works have found that gift shops give artists an advantage in reaching visitors. As a result, gift shops have become fascinating places to browse.

artistic quilts

Artists who look for viable places to market their products can turn to gift shops and discover the advantages of online gift shop stores. By showing their items and wares in a gift shop, it’s possible to increase their income from items like handbags, quilts and jewelry or other creative ideas. Lately, gift shops have found many exciting, novel and beautiful items to share with visitors. While the main attraction at a site remains the historical event or the geological fireworks of the area, gift shops have fascinating items with real value that compliment the community.

Zalora Finds – Big Weekend Sale

Cheers to a new day and here’s a beautiful day to start the week ahead.  For all zalora lovers, you get a chance to buy on their big weekend sale.  From October 5-7  you can have 20% off on your shopping purchases, just enter the code, “BIG SALE”  on your check out and it’s an instant discount on your part.

Awesome, indeed.  But the most happy part is that they have new collections to choose from, here’s my newest find and hope i can have the extra bucks to buy these fab collections.



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