Relax, you need it!

As a child, you may have been used to standing, running and jumping without feeling any weariness on your joints. As you get older, it’s not easy to do any of those activities support. The body gets more fragile as it ages. When you were a child, if you fell, you could easily pop back up. As an adult, if you fall, the impact of an injury can stay with you for years. Most people don’t understand what they really need to do to take care of their physical bodies. However, when it comes to your feet, there are a few practices you’ll want to adopt.

1. Regular Pedicures and Massages
Take care of your feet by getting pedicures. Many people look at these treatments as luxuries that are only reserved for rich housewives. There’s a healing power in touch. Your feet experience a lot of stress as they carry your body from place to place. Show them some care by allowing them to soak in warm water, essential oils and salts. Keep them clean. Make sure they get moisturized and massaged. The act of a massage is extremely good for the lymphatic system as well.

2. Insoles
As you transition to more comfortable shoes, the current ones may not be at the level of comfort you need. Use gel insoles to soften the blow. Once you use the insoles, you’ll feel as though you’re wearing a completely different shoe. The effects are monumental.

3. Supportive Shoes
Sure, the heels in the display window are beyond gorgeous. However, what’s the point of looking gorgeous if the heels throw your back out of alignment? As you get older, it’s important to be responsible and take care of your health first. There are tons of shoe lines that cater to those who long for comfort along with cuteness. Learn more about the options. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

4. Doctor Visits
Each time you visit your primary care physician, be sure to tell them about any pain that you’re experiencing. Even if it’s a pain you’ve gotten used to, this doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Sometimes, the solution is in a few sessions with a chiropractor or physical therapist. Always seek the advice of a medical professional. After all, they’re there to serve you.

These four tips will only benefit you in the long run. Start these habits today and watch the difference it makes in your body a year from now. Besides, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Something to Live By

There maybe times I could not say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful for all the things you have done.  For all the support and understanding you have given on this stubborn girl, i thank you for that.

For all the love you have given to our family and for listening to my whims and desperation. For giving me positive thoughts and trying to calm me when I have my unreasonable tantrums.  Even though you have your own way , I am very grateful for that.

I may not always say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful and I do hope in some other way, you can feel that I am happy for having you and the kids around me.

Peachy and her magic microphone

When my daughter is still a little younger, she loves to sing and dance in the tune of just any music.  She’s jolly and sweet and had a readily smile for everyone.  I remember that she sings with her magic microphone, we call it magic because the wireless microphone has no connection at all but when she holds it, it would eventually emit a loud voice coming from her.

music and me

As time goes by, her love for music still remains but her magic microphone has eventually gone and could not be located.  Perhaps, we have forgotten to bring it when we had transfer to a new house. Once in a while, she would remember it and would eventually request ask to buy her a new mic.

Home Accessories

Having a new home means a lot of things to consider, not just the pressure of finding new things, furniture and fixtures for your newly acquired house.  It is always good to find this things in the mall but having a home accessories sale would be a great thing too.

My friend was looking for a nice rocking chair in the market but she could not really find what she wanted there and I recommend her that some home depot offer nice home accessories that will surely interest her and fit her budget.

There are cases, that you like something but you still don’t have the money to buy it and when you get back on the store, the one you like would not be there anymore and this is usual dilemma.  That’s why a good time to buy accessories is the time you had a money and there is a sale on the furniture stores.

You get what you want and you get it in a sure bargain price you would not regret having.

Live Life passionately

Life is wonderful. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s painful and there are times you want to just give up.  But I know you would say that even we are suffering all of this, just by being alive there is always reason for us to be thankful.

(My 3rd Photobook from Artscow arrived last week.  It was really indeed beautiful)

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So, let us live our life one day at a time.  Enjoy every bit of it because we will not know if we will pass this way again!


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MM- Achievements worth remembering

Our child achievements are something we are very proud of.  Our darling Peachy is not yet ready to go to school yet but I am very proud of how she learn things out.  Even though she’s a naughty child, she is easy to learn about new things and at her early age she knows how to help to do chores at home.    She wanted to eat on her own, brush her teeth on her own and organize her closet on her own.

These are very simple achievements but but it can make your day happy and can give you a smile in your face.

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Pregnancy Updates : My baby on my womb

Honestly, I lost track of what week my pregnancy is. The last time i have my check-up with my OB is last January 3, I have to take a one day leave because I need to see my doctor because of this heavy cough I have been suffering for weeks now.   We also have to bring Peachy to her pedia because she also acquired  colds and cough but thankfully she’s better now and yet I am still suffering with this hard dry cough.

I was given medicine because I could not bear the pain anymore.  My doctor said that it was safe for the baby and I remember also taking it when Peachy was still in my womb and i also suffered the same fate I have now.  I am praying that everything goes well and this erratic, painful  cough of mine  will be gone away.

There were countless nights that I have to bear this pain on my chest and my tummy because of this heavy dry cough .  Although I have been drinking ginger (salabat) with honey and calamansi but  i could not see any better result yet.  My officemate told me that maybe  I had a (pasma) and try to heal it with an old healing  of  “tinutong na bigas”. This coming saturday, I will do it with the hope that my health will be better soon.

Mommy Moments – New Stuff

It feels good to be back in Mommy Moments. So, for this week the theme is about new stuff.

I was really thinking what new stuff we have bought this early days of January and could not really think of something.  Aside from the Dora band set we bought for Peachy as a christmas gift. (She really wanted to have a drum to complete her collection of music toys)

She was very happy to receive the gifts from her godparents last Christmas.

We were on a very tight budget because we need to pay Pagibig for our newly acquired home and the equity in the developer as well and saving for our incoming baby’s birth. (Hoping not to be CS again!)  That’s really too much but hopefully, everything will turn smoothly and will get in our feet again.

(sharing some moments with my Darling Peachy on our new home)

Aside from the celebration we have for Peachy for her birthday last January 2.

I really could not remember any new stuff we have bought but I am planning to buy her tomorrow a new Mickey Mouse shirt for the birthday we will going to attend on Sunday.

(updated- shirts that we bought last thursday) LOL.  I made this post early but was not able to post it on MM page. toinks!LOL

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mommy moments

Pregnancy Updates – My baby on breech position

When I had my ultrasound on my 25th weeks of pregnancy, the doctor said that my baby is still in breech position and yes it’s a boy just as we are wondering.  Yet my OB told me that the sex is not 100 percent accurate , we are still crossing our fingers for a baby boy.

Although, i have heard about breech position, i really don’t comprehend it well.  So, i need the help of Mr. Google to know exactly what it meant,

A Breech Birth is the birth of a baby from a breech presentation. In the breech presentation the baby enters the birth canal with the buttocks or feethead first presentation, first as opposed to the normal.

The bottom-down position, called breech presentation, presents some hazards to the baby during the process of birth, and the mode of delivery (vaginal versus Caesarean) is controversial in the fields of obstetrics and midwifery.

Though labour and vaginal birth are possible for the breech baby, certain fetal and maternal factors influence the safety of vaginal breech birth (see below). The majority of breech babies born in the USA are delivered by Caesarean section.”

That explains a lot about it and my hopes to have a normal delivery is still at lost again. Although I have heard from my office mate that a breech baby can be delivered normally and some of them still change their position on the third trimester.  But my OB says because of my previous pregnancy history, a normal delivery might not be possible.

This means a big amount of money is needed again for the CS procedure. What’s bothering me is that the payments of our new home that we are currently paying now.  But I know and i believe with the help of our Dear Lord, will survive this dilemma and our new baby will be delivered safely.

So, the Sonographer told us that a follow up ultrasound is needed to determine if he change his position. I am crossing my finger and praying that all went well.  I will update you as soon as i have done with my next ultrasound.