Holiday Gift Guide : Drum it on

It’s almost Christmas, perhaps your gifts are all ready, packed and wrapped for your special one.  But if you still haven’t had any idea of what to give this christmas, you can start from looking at this drum buying guide which is perfect for every instrument lover.

I remember when my daughter is still two years old.  We used to go to the arcade just for her to play the drums.  It was just for 30 minutes but the experience lingers on for about a week and she knows by instinct, every Friday she would  asked me that we should go the following day on the mall, so she can play the drum at the arcade.

If only we have that space, i would have bought her that drums we saw on the internet but since, we don’t have any place to to put it, we just had that same routine until such time that she was able to get over that thought.

Engagement and a promise of forever

Weddings are one of the most memorable events that could ever happen in a woman’s life. A man who knows and acknowledges this fact will do their best effort to give their one true love, a dream wedding they have been dreaming off their whole life.

But of course, before the hectic planning and stressful preparations of your brides’ dream happy ending with you is the pre-marriage chapter in your lives – engagement. The engagement period can be a year before the actual wedding date or even a week before, but nonetheless, this stage, the very first page of this chapter in your life is as crucial as the wedding day itself.

All women will agree to the fact that we all want a dazzling prince charming that would swipe as off our feet and would ask our hand in marriage. Through the years, proposing to the girl of your dreams has innovated from the usual intimate dinner date to the extravagant and high-tech YouTube worthy public wedding proposal. Do you still see the common denominator in these engagement proclamations? Engagement Rings designed by Verragio is something every woman would truly cherish.

The ending of every genius proposal gimmick and the start of a couple’s journey to their wedding start ends and starts with an engagement ring. Tacori designs are definitely a nice find, with it’s unique quality you can never go wrong.   Whether made of big diamonds or simple rhinestones, an engagement ring is an emblem of love that is genuine and worth investing a future with especially for those hopelessly romantic couple.

Holiday Music

Christmas is all about giving and forgiving and that’s the main point of many music created for the holiday. You would definitely feel that christmas is just around the corner when you hear the lively jinggle bells or the sound of cheap used flutes outside the church you used to go to.

If there is one music i love the most and definitely it’s about Christmas since it’s the great time to enjoy another beautiful moments with your family and friends and receiving and giving gifts is another factor.

Now, i feel like singing. Merry Christmas to all.

Smoking, a part of the fashion world today?

While it may be the hardest thing you ever do in your life, you can stop smoking for good no matter how many years you have smoked. There are several ways things you can do to help you quit and keep you on track.

image via modelalliance

The Buddy System

Whether you are quitting alone, or you have a friend that is going to quit with you, you will do well to have a support system in place for those days when you do not think you can make it. The support of friends can help take the edge off and make it easier on you.

Be Ready

When you get ready to stop smoking, you need to be physically and mentally prepared to stop. The addiction to nicotine is not easy to break, and no matter which program you decide, you must be mentally prepared for the withdrawal from the drug. As long as you are motivated to quit, you can take charge of the process of withdrawal.

Take it Slow

If you need to use some type of nicotine substitute as you wean yourself off of cigarettes, then you should do so. Take each day as it comes and soon you will have less and less need for nicotine.

There is no shame in failing if you do not succeed the first time you try to quit. Nicotine is a powerful drug that is difficult to quit. Once you quit, you will find that you may start to feel better and have more energy.

Online Dating: How to Separate the Princes from the Frogs

Women have always needed to kiss a whole lot of frogs to find a prince. Online dating presents the modern lady with a number of both species and the key to increasing our chances of success is to be equipped to deal with the challenge. Here are some top tips for women on the virtual quest for a prince. 

 Live Your Life

If you’re going to have the strength and resilience to fight off all those frogs then one thing is hugely important: that you live your life. It’s easy to look for love when our lives are lacking meaning and direction, but letting it be the most important thing actually sabotages our chances.

 If you’re down in the dumps after a breakup or life isn’t going your way then put your energy into furnishing your life with good things first before you look for love. That way you will be more resilient when it comes to dealing with the frogs and able to handle rejection. A happy, busy person is an attractive and interesting person. Give your life the same attention as you are willing to give a possible relationship.  

 Be Discerning

Heroes and villains aren’t as clearly distinguishable when you’re looking at online dating sites. People can essentially say what they want. A rule of thumb is to look for honesty first and foremost. If someone looks and sounds too good to be true then they probably are.

 A variety of photos and openness about life circumstances are good signs. Speak on the phone several times before you meet and trust your intuition. If you smell a rat, he is probably a frog.

Be a Princess

Just as you don’t want men to be misleading in any way, you should do your best not to be either. Include several recent photos in your profile, both close up and full body shots, to offer a true representation of what you look like. Likewise, it’s best not to tell little fibs about interests and experiences in a bid to make yourself more appealing. Of course show your best side, but make sure it’s a side your date will see and experience if you do meet.

The world of online dating is complex, but by staying honest and balanced you will stand a good chance of separating the princes from the frogs. 


Sweet Summer Flare

Summer is a beautiful time to go outside and play on the sun, enjoy the beauty of nature and wish your heart’s desire on a wishing well.


They says that it is us who makes our own happiness.  If we allow bad thoughts and sad experience into our life, our thoughts and action would be clouded with negativity and things will  no longer goes on what we desire to be.

Happiness is a choice, we can grab them in our hands and it can transcends into our life and to other people around us. This summer share the happiness you have.

The Animal in you

Each of us have a unique character and even though some may likely have the same character, there are no exact people who can shares the same attitude and views and character.

So, have you find the animal side of you? There is a test that actually gives you a questions and analyze your answer and shows what animal would you be based from that facts you have given.

Porcupines are physically small individuals with an over-abundance of attitude. Probably due to their lack of self-esteem, they have a tendency to seek comfort by putting others down and wit, sarcasm and ridicule are the primary weapons of its oftentimes disagreeable personality. Its reputation as a backstabber is somewhat undeserved, although it has no problem with gossiping about friends and foe alike.

In defense of the porcupine’s actions, its barbs are not designed to cause permanent harm. Instead, they’re intended as a preemptive attack to protect its own sensitive feelings, and if anyone is wounded by its thorny words the porcupine is quick to come to its victim’s aid.

Like other rodent personalities, porcupines are opportunists and are resourceful and creative in their endeavors. Adept at taking advantage of others’ mistakes, they are the first to jump on the bandwagon when an opportunity arises.

With their consciously minimalist lifestyle, porcupines’ financial needs are limited to the bare essentials of living and their homes are unadorned but functional.

Unambiguous loners, porcupines prefer jobs that reward individual effort and avoid manual labor or work that demands mental concentration. However, if it’s lucky enough to find a job that requires a biting tongue, it performs above the call of duty.

The porcupine displays the characteristically sharp mind and opportunistic lifestyle of the rodent personalities, but unable to function successfully in social situations it is limited in its career choices. Of course, a job like postal worker, DMV employee, and IRS agent, matches its prickly personality perfectly.

And porcupine it is,  I find it funny at first but reading the whole context, i think a job as a postal worker, i don’t know if i could take that one even though i so love postcards and mails but definitely, i don’t feel like sitting all the time and watching the time goes by with just papers on my tables.  I always love to to go out and see the world , so perhaps an IRS agent would do best.  Who know’s i have always love to be an agent.

So, if your curious to know your animal counterpart,  you can visit this site and learn more about the animalistic in you.

Making your music passion works

Music practice with wittner metronome at guitar center is really interesting especially for those who are learning music.  If your just starting to learn the instrument, it’s always good to be prepared with tools that can help you after all it’s not very easy to learn something if you haven’t had the tools to get you going.

Even if you have the passion for music,  you need music tools that would help you learn easily and when you have them, be sure to take extra good care since it would accompany you for a long time.

Although, music is something that can everybody grasps, not everyone can learn them. It needs hard work, time and money to be able to accomplish them and if one is missing, it would really give you a hard time.

Saint Jude – Helper and Keeper of the Hopeless

I’m lost and yet somebody found me.  Before I used to pray for people who i have lost in my life.  Each day i will go to the church and leave a letter to Saint Anthony of Padua since they said that he helps those who lost their precious things and he heals those who needed one.  
For a little child, I have highly regarded the role of saints in our catholic life.  For someone who helplessly and hopelessly looking for her self and her role in this world, i have asked St. Jude to protect me always and keep me sane. 
Although, I never get a chance to own a st jude medals, i know that my faith protected me and helped me to live my life and make me what I am today.  I’m still lucky that our Good Lord have given me a heart to understand and that even after experiencing difficult times in my life, he had given me a will to see a brighter side of it. 


Play it hard

It’s been a while since I have last told you that i have been wanting to buy a musical instrument, perhaps to buy dave murray strat would be one in our may lists of instruments that we needed.

My daughter is all excited to begin her first piano lesson and I’m also hoping that she can find time to do this and not just because she’s excited to try.

Hopefully, she can pull this trough and i would be the most excited mom that time.