How to begin your passion site

The internet has served it’s purpose very well this days.  It is not just a source of important things but also a source for great reading and expressing your passion for just anything.  By using this tool to create a new website you can start to express your own views and opinion for different things.

If your just a newbie blogger or writer who only wants to express your thoughts on different subject.  It is best to get free website platform.  When I’m starting to blog, google gives me the best of everything and answer all the questions i have in mind.

You can start with Blogger or wordpress or tumblr depends on what would you want to begin with.  Although, there are many limitations using free platform but if you only intend to share your thoughts, it’s okay to start using this sites.

But if you are serious enough that you think that this would definitely go a long way, then it’s best to get your own domain and start your niche blog but of course with this, comes the hosting and yearly dues.

But whatever choices you make, don’t forget your main purpose and that’s to entertain and keep your readers interact with you.  So, if you are just a newbie in blogging and want to learn more things about it, feel free to ask me and i will do my best to help you.