Your One Stop for Overall Health and Wellness

Bio3Fitness, located in Quebec, Canada, is a private company offering a variety of services for weight loss, personal training and overall health and wellness. The team members partner with Dickens Lambert (expert in the field of fitness) and Sylvie Calixte (expert in the field of physical rehabilitation) to create a total wellness environment and experience. Different than most, this unique weight loss program, or programme de perte de poids, can represent the most difficult yet rewarding change a person can experience.

All of the healthcare professionals have a dedicated vision of optimizing both physical and mental well-being for each client. The goal is to allow clients to maintain their current daily living roles while participating in their own self-transformation. With a unique and diverse team of professionals in one place, clients are able to experience all aspects of the wellness program at once. The highest level of service is available to each individual client.

Testimonials from pleased clients endorse this philosophy, claiming that they have ‘become new people’ because of their holistic approach. By achieving the goals that are set within the program, they are better able to take those same levels of motivation into their daily life. This enhanced ability to set goals and achieve them allows clients to experience a greater level of success in everything that they do. Clients leave the program with a different and enhanced perspective of themselves and life. They are better able to approach challenges and overcome them with a mindset of steadfast determination and motivation.

The entire team has created a unique mission that allows each client to actively participate in their own individual physical and mental overall wellness. With dedicated and caring team members, clients are able to set and achieve goals including weight loss, rehabilitation and overall wellness. Each client is treated as an individual. From the moment that they enter the door, they are greeted with smiles and compassion and, hand in hand, are partnered with the appropriate fitness members. Using the most holistic and modern techniques, clients are able to learn how to achieve their maximum performance and continue maintaining after they are finished. Call (514) 564-2541 to learn more about the many services offered at this incredible wellness program…you’ll be glad that you did.