5 Things To Do The Night Before Prom


There’s a lot of things to think about when you’re preparing for your prom. From makeup and hair to taking a date and so much more.

If you’ve picked your amazing dress from the prom dresses 2016 on offer, booked your hair appointment and asked your beau to accompany you, you may just find this checklist handy when getting ready for the big night.

1. The Hair

To make sure your locks are shiny and healthy on prom night, treat your tresses to a hair mask or repair treatment the night before the prom. Then one you’ve used shampoo and conditioner for your hair on prom night, finish with a cold water rinse. It might be a little uncomfortable for a few seconds and chances are you’ll give a little squeal, but a cold water spritz helps the hair cuticles to tightly close, enhancing shine and smoothness.

2. The Face

Everyone gets spots. But you can try to minimize yours as much as possible pre-prom. Treat yourself to an at-home facial the night before to help open up and clean out your pores. Begin by cleansing the face with cleansing pads or cotton wool that will grab all the makeup and dirt trapped in your pores. Then exfoliate the skin using a facial exfoliating glove. Make small circles, slowly all around your face.

The next step is to steam and open up the pores. If you happen to have a clothing steamer, simply hold it a few feet away from your face and hold for about 10 minutes. If you don’t own a steamer, all is not lost. Lay a face cloth in hot water for a few minutes and then place it over your face. Close your eyes and relax as your pores open up.

Finally, finish off your home facial with a face mask. Just as you’ve chosen prom dresses 2018 for your body type, be sure to choose a mask for your skin type. When time’s up, rinse with warm water and complete the facial with moisturizer.

Doing a face mask the night before prom will ensure you’re glowing on your special night.

3. The Teeth

If you think your teeth have lost their sparkle, consider an at-home whitening the night before prom. There are a range of products on the market that will whiten and brighten your pearly whites with no fuss at all.

4. The Hands

Nothing completes prom dresses 2016 like a stunning corsage. And no doubt you can’t wait to show yours off. So you’ll want to make sure that your hands and nails are looking tip top. You can save money by skipping a nail salon and giving yourself a manicure the night before prom. Start practicing about a week before to get a steady hand and style you like.

5. The Feet

Don’t neglect your heels and toes, especially if you’ll be sporting sexy open-toe sling- backs. The night before prom, start breaking in the shoes so you don’t have to deal with nasty blisters when you’re on the dance floor.

Then, the night before prom, exfoliate the soles of your feet and heels with a specially designed pedicure stone. Follow that with a pumice stone over rough spots and callouses to really smooth out your feel. Finally, use a foot mask or creamy moisturizer and then paint your toe nails. If you’re going to be wearing open-toe heels or peep-toe shoes, go for a bright nail polish to really finish off the look.

Never Wear the Same Dress as Someone Else

We all know that showing up in the same prom dress is every girl’s worst nightmare. But how big a deal is it really?

pic_melandriaImage by: zizzybaloobah via flickr

Well, if it’s ever happened to you, you’ll know exactly how mortifying it can be. Sure, you’ve both got great taste and may well have chosen stylish prom dresses, but it’s no less disastrous, is it? Even worse, imagine showing up wearing not only the same dress, but the same shoes and accessories too. What a weird coincidence, right?

You can choose to be polite to one another and complement each other on your great taste. But every teenage girl knows that this is a massive deal. Is there going to be a fight? Tears? Tantrums?

So how can you avoid wearing the same elegant prom dresses this year?

Social Media is Your Best Friend

According to the NY Post, there are those high schools who are taking to Tumblr and Facebook to stick their heels into their dresses in an attempt to avoid the massive embarrassment of having a prom twin look-a-like. While showing up in the same frock does not seem like the biggest deal in the greater scheme of things, keeping a record of who chose what dress is a really convenient way of keeping track of these things.

Okay, a lot of the online groups have unsavoury names, like “Steal My Dress and I’ll Knock You the F-K Out” and “Bitch Don’t Steal My Dress”. There’s even the Brooklyn Teach prom page on Facebook that claims “welcome to the page where you tell people you’ll physically hurt them over formal wear”. But it all does the trick.

You Won’t Ever Turn Up at Prom Wearing the Same Dress As Someone Else … Or Ever

There are other really simple solutions too. For example, if you purchase Peaches Boutique prom dresses they will keep a register of who is wearing what to make sure you are looking unique at your prom.

There’s another really simple solution that helps girls to reserve their dress before events like prom, homecoming and parties too while even keeping the dress’s identity a secret. It’s called “Reserve THE Dress”. So before you go ahead and buy the dress, you can make sure no one else is going to be wearing it by registering in this unique site. The app then gives you peace of mind that you will be the only belle of the ball wearing that particular frock. You can simply download the “Reserve THE Dress” app and never ever again worry about showing up in the same dress as someone else.

If you’re okay with everyone knowing what you’ll be wearing to your prom, you could post photos of the dress to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and the like so everybody knows that that is your dress and not to buy the same thing. This way you’re guaranteed not to turn up on prom night wearing the same thing as one or even more other girls.

Would you be distraught if you accidently arrived to the prom in the same dress as someone else?