Tips on finding that perfect pair of jeans

Everyone owns a pair of jeans they simply love. They are worn out, you’ve washed them countless times, and they are shredded to pieces from how much you wear them. So when the time comes to replace those jeans which have no life left in them, and you want to find the perfect pair of jeans and fit, these are some ways to go about doing just that.

Try it on –
And no, not just one pair. Try on several pairs. Try on different denims, try different fits (flare, slim, boot, etc), try out different brands. One is going to fit like a glove, but you have to try out several before you find the right fit and comfort level.

Do the sit test –
Yes, this does exist. Sit down in those dozens of pairs of jeans you are trying on. Squat, sit down crossing your legs, see if they ride up or fall down. Make sure they fit you perfectly, and aren’t moving, chaffing, or otherwise coming off your body when you sit. Since you will sit and stand often each day, make sure the jeans are going to stay on for the ride with you.

Fit test –
NEVER buy jeans which are too big. Throughout the course of the day they will get bigger. After you shower, your body cools, so they will loosen up. When you walk, and get out of bed, puffiness over your body goes down, so the jeans will feel a little looser. Make sure you don’t buy something skin tight (unless this is comfortable to you), but also don’t size up too much, as you’ll regret it.

There are so many styles, fits, and denim options when purchasing jeans, you can join the trend like this embroidered jeans but you can always go with the basic and classic one. It will require some getting used to and trying on countless pairs, but these are a few simple tips to help you find the ideal fit, and pair you are going to love to wear every day. Before you commit the buying a pair of jeans you should always shop around to see if they can pick them up for cheaper in another store. I would recommend using a catalogue comparison site.