Totally Hot Shoes – Red and Gold Beauty

Here’s another post for our totally hot shoes.  Since it’s a love month, it is just appropriate and very relevant to feature red shoes that is not just totally hot and sizzling but can definitely rock your wardrobe and will leave a statement when you wear them.

Here are some of my choices which I definitely love to have.  They are indeed perfect for this Valentines Day , wear them with your little red dress or paired them with your pants.  You can even try to do that part of Kdrama Gentleman’s Dignity when the mean lead says to her girl, “that he loves to see her only wearing this” .

red and gold stilletos
Although the price on some of this shoes are freaking my hearts out, It would definitely a lovely dream to have them. 
1. Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell Dolly Platform Pumps – $884
2.  Paris Hilton Selene Red – $89.00
3. Alexander Mc. Queen Red Suede Skull hills – $ 1,075
4.  Truth or Dare by madonna Freidel – $ 120
5. Kvoll leather velvet red
So, have you made your choice?