Music in Fashion – Trendy Music inspired dress

Music has been a part of many people and without it, i guess the world will be too lonely to live with.  Music gives many meaning , enlighten our hearts and mind and even reminds us the beauty of life and the pain of our sorrow.  Although I’m not a very talented person nor would get a chance to use the maschine native instruments at guitar center  but I can be a good listener since I appreciate it that much.

Just like this dainty music inspired apparel at Romwe.  Honestly, i have been thinking of getting one.  I think it’s quite unique and really pretty and would definitely fit every music lovers like me.

Romwe Fashion – Halloween Collection

Before, halloween was just an occasion that we never bothered to remember but when my daughter came into my life, it added additional meaning.  It’s a time for us to dress up and enjoy a night filled with fun and spooky things.

For some Halloween is something to be scared of but honestly, it’s also a time to wear something exciting and different from your usual self.

Romwe Fashion brings Halloween alive in this spooky yet pretty Halloween apparel.  This dress will surely fire up your night.

Check them out now!  Pick what you like and make Romwe part of your Halloween night.

Totally Hot Shoes : The killer shoes

Spikes and studs are totally the latest fashion this days and would you love to wear something like this?


Romwe point rivets

I called it killer shoes because literary it can kill someone who come against you.   It was not just fashion but a shoes with a purpose and i can’t help but laugh to see what my friends would say when they see me wearing one.

romwe leopard flats

Romwe Leopard Flats

I have a stud shoes and many people compliments it when they saw them and i wonder what will be their reaction when they see me walking with this Romwe Leopard flats with a matching leopard outfit.  That definitely rocks for me.  Totally hot shoes, so tempting.