Sarong for all occassion

Sarong has widely been used by many women from different race and status.  It comes from different colors and different texture and it can be worn in different styles.

Whether a day or night affair, sarong can be used as it is or combined with jeans or pants.  During summer, it was very popular piece of clothing to wear at the beach while walking on the sea shore or just enjoying beautiful scenery.

Sarong gives different purpose depends on the time and place you wear it.  Because of its light material, it is easy to use and create different styles you wish to have.  Most women find it handy because it can be easily pack and tucked inside your bag and bring it out if the need arises.

Because of its versatility, it’s a must have on every closet.  You can choose from different colors and style and can be worn on different season.  A sarong would also be perfect gift for a friend or love one this coming yuletide season.

A sarong can be worn in many ways, depends on how you tie it.  Here is an easy way on how to tie a sarong;

Long wrap :

Wrap the sarong around you, pull the ends evenly and let the sarong lies in your waist,  hold the two ends on your hands and tie it neatly.

Halter wrap:

I love halter wraps,  just wrap the sarong in your upper back and hold it in front of you,  hold the two ends and in front of your body near your neck, and tie the two corners behind your neck in a neat tie.  Adjust it depends on your liking

Long skirt:

Wrap the sarong around your hips, hold the two ends in your front or in your side and neatly create a tie, you can choose to show your legs by tying it on your side but if you wish, you can tie it in front of you or on your back, depends on your liking.