Kitting Out Little Feet this Autumn/Winter

Do we need a reason to treat out little girls to some new shoes every now and again? While there are certain times of the year when buying shoes is essential – for example just before the return to school, when girls school shoes from George are an absolute must-buy – it’s not unknown for us to splash out on some new treads other times, too. Whether your little princess needs some new kicks because her feet have started to grow, or you buy some for no reason other than you’ve seen a cute pair of pumps that would look perfect on her little feet, here are some perfect ideas for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons, so that whatever you splash your cash on, at least your little girl will get some wear out of them.

The School Shoe

You’ve probably already kitted out their feet by now, seeing as the new term has started, but make sure you keep an eye on your girls school shoes, just in case they need to be replaced. Whether they’ve been scuffed one too many times or they have a little growth spurt, you can always invest in a new, reasonably priced pair from George whenever you see fit.

The Canvas Shoe

These are a perfect option for a casual pump that would look ideal with skinny jeans and skirts alike. Choose some with sequins for a little added glitz and glam to make any girly princess happy.

Younger girls may like the super cute Velcro strap Dalmatian Print Canvas Shoes for £6 from George, so that they don’t have to faff with laces every time they want to add them to their outfit.

The Wellies

These are absolutely essential as the heavens start to open and the rain begins to fall. We may have enjoyed a fairly hot summer, but don’t let that give you a false sense of security – the rain will come and, when it does, your kids will love a cool pair of wellies to splash around in the puddles in.

The Ballet Shoe

Cool, funky and pretty, the ballerina shoe suits plenty of outfits and has a wonderfully feminine touch that ensures your daughter still feels girly. Younger girls may benefit from a pair with a thin strap to make sure the shoes don’t slip off, while older girls may prefer ones without, such as the Quilted Stud Ballet Shoes for £8 from George. There are so many different designs available, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The Trainer

Perfect if you have a little tomboy in your house, who loves to play outside with her friends, climbing trees and playing sports, the humble trainers are an absolute must for most shoe racks. From trendy (but pricey) Converse or own brand hi-tops to simple trainers with an easy strap fastening, she’ll love being physical with these on her feet!

Update their shoe wardrobe over the coming weeks and you can guarantee that whatever the weather, whatever the occasion, they’ll have a pair of shoes to suit.

Fashion : Support for your shoes

For a working mom like me, sometimes wearing shoes can be tiring, although it’s good that i only need to seat down the whole time.  My legs still aches after a tiring day of wearing shoes.  Just imagine the agony of women who needs to wear high heels each working days because they need to do so since it’s part of their job to wear something nice or presentable.  I remember the days when i still work for a branded shop in a well known mall in the country.  Some how it’s hard to look really pretty with a tiring legs but you have to maintain composure since it’s part of what you need to do to earn a living.  I wish i have known  arch support for shoes before so i would have not suffered days of pain because of calluses or blisters.

What’s good with arch support is that it can give the wearer a comfortable feeling while wearing your  favorite shoes.  Whether it was flat or high heeled shoes, this product gives you the comfort you have always wanted, it reduces fatigue and even protects the bones and tissues of our legs and the best part is it’s very affordable and can be bought via online,

Totally Hot Shoes – Manolo Blahnik stilletos

It’s been a while since i last posted my fave picks for totally hot shoes.  This time, i am sharing with you this fabulous stilletos creations by desinger Manolo Blahnik.

Manolo Blahnik passion for fashion

Before indulging your eyes on this beautiful stilletos, i have to dig deeper on knowing Manolo Blahnik and here is what i have found out, He was a son of a spanish mother and Czech father and was born in Canary Island.  In 1965 he moves to Paris and began scenography but on his visit to New York, upon showing his shoe design to the editor of American Vogue,  Diana Vreeland told her to focus her attention on creating shoes instead.

His creation was widely seen in Sex in the City, worn by a shoe lover itself Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker.  Now, i know why her shoes are really gorgeous.   In 2003, a book of his drawings published by Anna Wintour shows the great sketches he had created through the years.

manolo blahnik drawings

image source

Recently, in the movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola in 2006, models of shoes costume created by Blahnik was also highlighted the movie. Many Hollywood actress wear his creations on many occasions and i guess, not just me but even you would really wish to own atleast one of his creation.  His recent work which was inspired in London Olympics will surely be a great hit among shoes lover.

Olympic Themed Stiletto by Manolo Blahnik

 image source

Great Finds : Figlia shoes for less

Figlia is one of the well loved premier brand of shoes and the price is very affordable but what makes me love it so much is that i recently bought a Figlia shoes that can match my office uniform  for just Php. 199.00.

Figlia –

figlia – fashion and affordability


I have been  looking for shoes that can match my uniform and this was indeed a perfect pair.  Value for money and a product worth buying. 

I really could not believe the price at first,  so i have to inquire again and scrutinize the item if there was any damage but it turns out that it was the last size and the last pair for this kind, so the reason for the sale.  I’m lucky to find a brand new shoes for this very minimal amount.


Shoes for everyday use

Shoes has been one of the basic needs for everyday uses.  Whether it was flat , plumps, formal or rubber shoes.   There are many shoes that you can choose just like the new cheap new balance shoes that i have seen in the internet.

beautiful shoes for everyday use

This days, adorable shoes with high heels are very in demand.  I have seen some 9 inches heel up to more and I could not even think whether i can able to wear one of this.   It might be a tiring day to wear one but  owning such would be really a beautiful addition on my limited shoes.


Pink Rubber Shoes

I have to make this post immediately. I’ll be in Manila tomorrow and I might not be able to load this and I don’t want to miss our Pink Friday Meme.  So, I’m sharing with you my pink rubber shoes.  I’ll be wearing them in a few minutes. Weeh! So excited to see Manila even for just one day.



Totally Hot Shoes

It’s another week of totally hot shoes.  Do you love Jewelled shoes or stiletto shoes.  Just looking at them makes me more envious.  Wouldn’t you?

miu miu shoes

Miu Miu shoes are created by Miuccia Prada.  Their shoes are truly modern, sensual and provocative.  Just look at the beautiful design of their shoes.  Owning one would definitely make your best friend envy.


Totally Hot Shoes

Ever since I was a child, I always dream of having totally hot shoes.  Something that will look me great.  I only have two pairs of shoes back then, a rubber shoes and my school shoes. I told myself that when I had a chance to buy my own shoes, I would really love to have a pair of boots.  That’s why my passion with boots begin but this does not end there.

totally hot boots

Until now, my dreams still lives on. If i would be given a chance, i would definitely fill up my shoe racks. But now, I will just feast my eyes with this lovely boots.

world's most expensive boots

” This was created by Spanish fashion designer Manolo Blahnik. This is made with alligator skin and reach up to just below the knee. They’re valued at a phenomenal $14,000 and were available at Malano Blahnik’s New York boutique on West 54th Street”

Each week, be mesmerized with something totally hot shoes I have found from the web, hoping to interest you as well.

Shoes and slippers that rocks

Have you ever seen a banana shoes and imagine wearing them? If you have not seen one, then this is how it looks.  I wonder if you ever wanted to have one of these very unlikely slip ons.

Or maybe you are interested to wear something like this?

(market shoes, man made leather)

I love sexy shoes but yes I love boots more.  I wonder if i can wear this boots to work too?

These creative shoes are created by Kobi Levi a foot wear designer. Just seeing his works made me imagine how vivid his ideas and how out of this world it was.

Look at his recent work.  They are so cool , I hope i have found one of this before so i can wear it on my wedding.

I guess, i will create such a scene and everybody will not be looking at my face then but on my shoes. LOL.