Staying Cool and Fashionably Forward with Dressve Wool overcoat

Dressing with confidence and exuding power by simply accessorizing is so possible with the Dressve Wool Coats Whether it’s a cool day outside or whether you would simply want to dress up and enjoy the feeling of being warm all over, wool coats are the best fashion accessories for you. Available indifferent colors, sizes and designs, you’ll get nothing but the most fashion forward attire you would definitely love wearing at work, during cool and rainy seasons or when going abroad to cold and breezy countries.

Made from the best high quality wool,  this pink overcoat is a must have for woman who loves to travel in style.

Red is the color of elegance and this red wool overcoat is just perfect for office, travelling or just a day hanging out with friends.

Any simple dress like this from Dressve would become a classic and will definitely catch people’s attention when you cover it up with a nice fluffy and fashionable wool coat. Playing with color is not the only option that you have.You could even play around with the color designs, sleeve lengths as well as the different buttons and print designs available for these fashion apparels. You’ll never go fashionably wrong with these coats on.

Shopping? Go Online

You don’t need to be a brainer to shop online.  Even a ten years old child knows how to shop online.  A friend told me that she was shocked to learn that her ten years old daughter recently bought a flower dress with a matching bag on an online shop using her credit card.  She could not help herself not to be angry but she was laughing while telling me because it was due to her negligence all along.

She was browsing this beautiful online site and amazed how it was beautifully done by an ecommerce website builder and all of a sudden she needs to go to the bathroom and left the computer screen and her daughter who saw the shop curiously browsed and checked it and saw this really cute flower dress with a matching floral bag and followed the instruction to purchase the same.

The transactions may not be completed if only her daughter doesn’t have an extension credit card but unfortunately she had enrolled her and given her the privilege to use in case of emergency. Now, she have  learned her lesson well and grounded her for a week.

Online shopping today is indeed very convenient because you can save a lot of time and effort on going to the mall. It is the same thing with entrepreneurs.  At the tip of your hand, business owner can build their own ecommerce website to sell their products/services online.

My ZALORA Wishlist

I’m not a newbie in terms of online shopping.  I have been shopping for years on online shop like ebay, multiply, artscow and facebook. There are many shops that offers a wide variety of products, from household products to fashion and cosmetics, baby things, accessories, gifts and airline tickets.

In this age of modern technology, many consumers have embraced the benefits of shopping online which includes;

  • convenience – because you don’t need to go to a  store which needed your time, effort and gasoline or fare. Unlike on stores who had fixed hour, shopping online can be done at any time of the day, whether morning or evening or even if you feel like shopping on the wee hour of the day
  • What’s good about shopping online is the chance to choose from wide variety of products and find exclusive deals and discounts only particular online shops offers. 
  • it gives you the possibility to compare products and prices unlike going to different store which is already time consuming.
  • You know that i always advocate green and sustainable living, buying online gives you the opportunity to help our Mother Earth due to reduce of carbon footprint which you accumulate when you use transportation, papers, water.

but there are possible disadvantages too which I particularly look out when buying online,

  • Scam or misleading product information.   Some company offers product which is different from the actual. 
  • Identity thief – Of course, there is always a risk that your credit card may be used by other.   (But luckily, i haven’t encountered such disadvantages because I make sure that before buying on a certain shop, i check it background and reviews from different consumers, I generally use my credit card or paypal in transacting rather than debit cards where one can easily access my bank account. 

For a working mother like me who works as a court stenographer at day time and Virtual assistant in the evening, going out to shop would mean a lost of precious time to just stay at home and enjoy the company of my children.  That’s why online shopping is more convenient for me.

So, when I found out that Zalora is now available in the Philippines, I immediately check it out and see for myself what they offer. Indeed, the shop offers different  fashion brand with great selections of designer clothing, fabulous shoes and different type of bags.  And the most interesting part is that, the shop offers a secure online shopping with free shipping and will be delivered in your doorstep within a day or two. Which means, i don’t need to worry for huge amount of shipping fee and taxes which i normally encounter when I am buying online from foreign companies.

Another good thing is when you register and subscribe on their newsletter, you get a Php. 250.00 voucher which you can use on your purchase of Php. 1,500 minimum order.  That’s another saving don’t you think?

But the great part is their recent contest which grant your wishes of any best five items you love which are available on their shop.  Now, I just remember that we have been invited by my mother-in-law to attend the symposium in July wherein she will be playing the violin. My husband has second thoughts on going because it was a formal event and we need to find or buy something to wear which will cost a big amount of money.

Because, it will be my first time to attend such symposium and out of my shyness to my mother-in-law,  i secretly desire to come.  So, if this wishes would be granted, it would be a great delight for me considering that there are more important things to buy especially that our daughter will be going to school this June.

So, here are my five wishes which includes a cross-fingers that it will come true.

My Zalora Wishlist

freeway short dress

Freeway Short Dress – A hard to find piece, a perfect dress for day time or evening affair. I love the beautiful unique design and it’s knee length.

centropelle shoes

Centropelle Formal Sandals – Designed to stand out.  The fabulous design will surely match my desired dress and can still be worn even after the event.  A perfect addition on my limited pair of shoes.

XOXO jacquard bag

XOXO  Jacquard Hobo Handbag –  This elegant handbag is a perfect combination from simple, casual to elegant affair. Honestly, i have been wanting to have my own XOXO bag because of its functionality and great design.  When you become a mom, even if you wanted to buy what you like, you need to sacrifice for the sake of your children. If i won the contest, this would be a dream come true.

esprit watch

Esprit Celestial Silver Watch – Such a beauty, when i first see this watch, i really fell in love with it.  Stylish and elegant. A pieces to last for a long time.

 Virus Pearl Metal White Bead Necklace- A perfect piece for my inspired attire.

Virus Pearl Beads necklace

Looking at the picture of my wishes thrills me. I know it would be good to have all of it not just for luxury or fashion but the symposium would be a perfect night to enjoy and forget the worries of life once in a while and it would be extra memorable because Zalora would be a part of it.

Do you have a particular wish? and Nuffnang will make it come true for you.

Shop online at Zalora Philippines