Tips on How to Dress Pretty and In Style

Beauty is I the eye of the beholder but we can never deny the fact that girls and women generally have the same taste when it comes to pretty clothes. However, when it comes to dressing, there is still exist a rule that one-size-does not fit all. Styling and accessorizing can still make a big difference in making your outfit standout and be classified as pretty. Here are some tips on how to dress pretty and In Style.

The best tip when dressing pretty is to purchase clothes that complements your figure like a nice jackets for women. Some girls can pull off the t-shirt dress or the Korean pop-star look and some girls don’t. Experiment with the look that suits you best and dress according with your personality. However, there are clothing items that falls on the “pretty category” that suits any body type and figure.

The basic white shirt. Printed or not, the basic white shirt when accessorized properly and paired with a comfortable bottom like shorts and pants would go a long way. Click for more Dresses with side cuts, whether high or modest would also look pretty for any girl or woman. With the right belt and a plain top paired with a nice necklace, one can definitely feel and look pretty all day long.

Dressing pretty is still all about comfort and your personal style. Stick to this and you will never go wrong when it comes to dressing pretty. Shop for Thanksgiving day and buy that pretty dress you have been wanting to have.

Staying Cool and Fashionable with Hoodies

Being a woman offers several opportunities when it comes to looking good and dressing up. There are a lot of styles and wardrobes for women targeted to make them look and feel great about themselves. One of the common and almost androgynous wardrobe options for women is casual hoodies.

Just like the boyfriend shirt, hoodies are wardrobes that are usually for men but are also available and designed for women. It is perfect for casual attire and can really be a cool option for women who enjoys going out at night. It is not just for those cool night but as well as for parties and clubs – when mixed and match with other fashionable items and accessories.

One of the most favorite hoodie mix and match get up would be with a leather or short jeans and a stiletto. One can definitely enjoy a game of basketball with her boyfriends and then later on enjoy partying at a club. It also looks great with leather pants and boots perfect for shopping around the neighborhood. Others would opt to have it longer to look like a dressed matched with a wedge or a nice pair of boots. Long silver necklaces, a cap or a nice flower pin would work well with the hoodie as well.

Hoodies for women are also perfect covers at night at the beach. You can wear it over your favorite bikini as you enjoy taking and bonding with friends at the bonfire. Or you could simply wear it lazily as you drive around town on the weekend.

It is all about creativity and imagination to make your hoodie the perfect apparel for almost any occasion or setting. Accessorizing also helps in making it stand out even in the most unlikely places you might consider wearing it around. Your personal style and preference will make your unique and stand out with your favorite hoodie on top.

Fashion Blogging: The Best of 2014

We have seen the best of Fashion style for 2014.  Most of the outfit inspirations comes from not just well known designers and brands but the online stores who caters street fashion dominates this year.

From trendy boutiques  to wholesale clothing, 2014 just show how fashion continues to grows and comfortable stylish clothing can be bought not just in designers stores but can also be found in the internet as well.

Since the booming world of new technology.  Internet open the doors for many opportunities. Online shops has been the new trends on shopping , wholesale sunglasses and creative killer shoes are been shared by many bloggers around the world.

Even if many says that blogging has gone soar but still there are many  fashion bloggers that are making waves in the internet this days. They are earning thousands and millions because of affiliates, online and offline collaborations and even speaking engagement and appearances.

There are many fashion sites that offers fashionable tips and ideas on how you can get a bargain and can look just like well known celebrities without going the extra mile of buying those expensive designers apparel and accessories. Fashion blogging definitely takes a new height.

Now that we just have started a new year, I know that there are many fashion ideas that will surely be revealed, you don’t need to follow the latest trends but of course, you can always get good inspirations from them.

H&M new hub

The news of H&M opening in the Philippines makes every fashinista somewhat crazy.  H&M was known for their wide collection of not just woman apparel but also for me and kids alike.  They are not just pretty and stylish but also affordable. Located in Mandaluyong City just near Mega Mall.  I have heard that it was three stories high, so just imagine the craziness you can get going from floor to floor, choosing and getting the apparels you wanted.

The first time, i have a H&M shirt was a gift from a friend but this time, if given a chance, I would definitely want to visit and check for myself what the store can offer. Ooh, i think i could end up broke or perhaps even  kustom powered monitor could not save me from ending buying all the things i wanted.

Fashion Finds : Your choice matter

With different choices of accessories especially ring collection, it is sometimes hard to choose among them.  Scott Kay cobalt rings can be one of those good finds but then, your choice does really matter.

Honestly, i really hate choosing especially if there are many choices and finding the one would take hours or even days.

I believe that it is one of women characteristics that we find hard to make a definite choice especially if we have several to choose from. One reason perhaps is that we don’t want to end up choosing the wrong thing or perhaps another thought is the fact that we do want them all for ourselves, such fashion finds needs to be hold unto.  Don’t tell me you haven’t had that feeling.

But I guess, whatever choices you made, it’s always precious to see them wearing especially if that choices are something you have worked hard.

Toss Winter Blues and Grab Summer Sunshine

Time to Grab the Sunshine

America is winter weary and ready to trade in their worn out boots for the embodiment of summer- warm weather flip flops!

To take advantage of people’s wistful longings for summer, small business owners shouldn’t wait to order plenty to attract customers ready for winter to go away. They are ready to buy now, so businesses must shop now to stock their stores at wholesale sites, such as

A Colorful History
Flip flops may have caused a stir when the 2005 Women’s Northwestern University Lacrosse Team visited the White House after winning the National Championship but they have been a staple summer footwear since World War II. After the war, soldiers returning from Japan brought “zori” shoes with them to the states. In America, the standard straw zori gave way to shoes crafted from various materials including rubber, leather and man-made materials like nylon and canvas. The “flip flop” sound the shoes make is what led to their American name. More changes came with bright colors and embellishments like rhinestones, beads and charms.

Still a summer staple, flip flops have evolved from being considered strictly casual footwear to acceptable wear for more formal occasions. Designs are plentiful and demand high, making them lucrative merchandise for small businesses to carry.

Fashion for keeps

As years goes by, your love for jewelry grows deeper, your collection will eventually goes bigger and your simple jewelry box is not enough to keep your growing jewelry especially those expensive one.  That is when amsec electronic locks comes on handy.  Safe  are designed not just to keep your money or valuable items safe but it can also be a good place for your expensive  jewelries.

Expensive jewelry is not just fashion but it is also a good investment considering that gold or platinum can accumulate value in time.  Whether those are with high monetary value or just for sentimental, we always wanted to be sure that  they are secure.  Keep your jewelry safe by investing on a valuable safety locks installed in your own home.   Keep your favorite fashion object protected from any thieves or burglar.

Summer Fun

Summer is around the corner, are your gear ready?  Make sure before you plunge on your pool make sure that everything is working and your pool pump is at its best form.  If anything wrong happens  a.o. smith motor motors can help you in anyway.

Many travels during summer time, going to their favorite vacation spots but because of the erratic weather, maybe you should think twice going on a long vacation.  Nearby swimming pool are one of the best idea especially if it was a covered pool.

Possibilities are endless.  Enjoy your summer time and don’t forget your tiny weeny bikini and sun block.

Best Hand Held Massagers From

A discussion of some of the best hand held massagers, their benefits, and how to use them.

Taking care of our bodies is very important if we want to live full healthy lives. To be able to do this, you should follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Massage is another thing that can help your body stay in top form. With everything that your body goes through every day, a massage is therapeutic and provides many benefits to your body.

However, do not think that you have to regularly go to expensive spas just to get the services of a massage therapist. A massage done by yourself or your partner can be just a beneficial. Nowadays, there are many massage accessories like massage rollers that you can buy to help provide you with a good massage. offers a wide selection of massagers to help you get started. Below are some of the best hand held massagers that you can get from

  Apollo Massager. This simple hand held massager can be used even on small children who are sensitive to touch. It has a total of 16 rolling wheels that can provide soothing and relaxing strokes to help relieve tension in your body. It is very simple and easy to use and you can use it on your back, legs, and arms.

·         Body Back Roller Mini. Although simpler than the Apollo Massager, this small roller massager can be used on any part of your body. It is composed of two wooden roller balls and a long wooden handle to help you reach even your lower back. Aside from massaging your body, this portable massage tool can also increase blood circulation, stimulate your immune system, and stimulate pressure points in your body.

·         Massage Roller Ball. Not only can this tool provide a stimulating, deep tissue massage, it is also available in various colors. You can easily relieve stress and stiffness in your body with this easy to use roller ball.

·         Massage Stick Roller. At first glance, it might be challenging to figure out how to use this massage tool.  It is used differently than other hand held massagers because you hold it with both hands to massage your body. It is equipped with foam grip handles to make it easy to use. The massage stick roller is highly effective in treating muscle pain and trigger points.

·         Scalp Massager. Simple strokes on the head can be very soothing and relaxing. Even more so if you have this scalp massager to help you apply a more complete massage on your head and scalp. This hand held massager can also be used on your knee joints, elbows, and ankles. You simply have to gently raise and lower this scalp massager on your scalp and you can immediately feel more relaxed.

Filled up your senses with Fragrance

Everybody wants to smell good, well groomed and pleasantly looking. Perfumes has been a part of human lives since thousand years ago back from the time of royalties and monarchy.  Now, through the help of the modern science, we can able to choose from different perfumes from different brands.


Being a woman with high sense of fashion, perfume is also a part of your whole being and your fashion statement.  They say that our smells is associated with strong memories.  It maybe coming from remembering our first love or our favorite summer travel near the beach or the memory of forests and trees.  Whatever scent you choose is up to you alone.  Some types of fragrance are strong and depict an aggressive and bold  while some are elegant and soft.  Each of us has a unique taste and   it may not be good for others but whatever scent you choose defines who you are and what you are as a person and it says a lot about your own personality.

                                  Free Shipping at on All Orders Over $70

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If you are looking for a real deal, you can check out and choose from the wide arrays of  designer fragrance products which are actual and genuine and you even get a free shipping when you buy a certain amount. You might be obsessed with their Obsession or dance in Cool Water.   Nothing beat a real good feeling of smelling good.