The Basic Knowledge about Lipsticks

One of the basic cosmetic necessity every woman needs is lipstick. A change in shade and way of application creates a different look, projects a different vibe and radiates a different new you. Lipsticks can make you feel sexy, young, or just simply a woman.

There are still some pointers every cosmetics lover should keep in mind when applying lipstick. Here are the basics.

1. Always have a trusted lipstick shade that works well with your complexion. Just like the classic little black dress, every woman should need to have a good old trusted and reliable lipstick shade they could confidently wear anytime and anywhere.

2. Always have a handy lipstick applicator. We sometimes cannot help but share our favorite cosmetic to our girlfriends. Having a lipstick applicator you can use and wash will also guarantee no lipstick breaking and of course a necessary hygienic practice.

3. Lipsticks, like any other cosmetics have life spans. They can last as long as four months. Continuous use of lipsticks beyond their life spans may cause allergies, unpredicted chemical reactions and the stain it produces can be discolorated. Women who are not heavy lipstick users should keep 4 lipstick shades at most to avoid throwing away your precious and expensive cosmetic necessities. You can also check out the latest LipSurgence lip tint  that tarte cosmetics offers.  You will find their impressive line truly worth having.

4. Experiment with different shades and lipstick colors. Looking out for a new lipstick shade for women is like shopping clothes. You have a lot of choices but not all your choices would work well with you. Free samples are readily available in shops and boutiques so fining a new shade that will work with your complexion as well as your personality will indeed be a very fun and worthwhile activity.

5. Store your smackers on a cool and dry place. A messy lipstick can ruin every woman’s day. Take care of your lipsticks as well as your other cosmetics to extend their lifetime and consume their value to the fullest.

Lipsticks will always be the most basic cosmetic that man has ever invented, but it will also be the best option to use to change your look instantly. I guess simplicity really goes a long way and in reality, the simpler it is, the more beautiful they will be.