Pink Basis Gladiator Sandals : Designer Looks for Less

They say that diamonds is girls best friend but then shoes are definitely something we can’t  live without.  From a pair of sneakers, to flip flops, to that pretty pumps and heels. If your someone who could not walked  straight past a shoe shop, then probably you are one of those thousands self confessed shoeaholic .  I have heard many stories of woman who buy the latest design and trends even they don’t need them.  Some  even cost thousands of dollars considering not minding the brand names and tags on their shoes.

But then, you don’t need to spend that huge amount of money on buying luxurious brands if you will be sacrificing your pay check. Becoming imeldific without compromising your priorities is something you should learn and consider. Pink Basis, an online shop that brings fresh look into new season designer style would be your perfect partner if your looking for affordable shoes yet comfortable and chic.  They  specialize in designer looks for discounted prices.

One shoes that can make you feel like a celebrity is the gladiator sandals.  Loved by well known celebrities, gladiator sandals is now all over Hollywood and in the high streets all over the world .  Kourney Kardashians, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna are just some of the well known hollywood names who was seen sporting gladiator sandals. I must say that this one is definitely included in my lists of totally hot shoes.


Whether an edgy or fierce look, gladiator sandals can make you feel like walking on a rich history of gladiators dated back on old centuries.


And yes, it doesn’t need to cost thousands to have a pair of this pretty shoes since Pink Basis offers them on a very affordable amount.  If your looking for high end look with affordability in mind, check them out today and browse their wide collection of shoes and dresses that are hip and trendy.

Now, here’s the best part, Pink Basis is very generous on offering a $50 worth of gift card to one of my avid readers.  Yes, that’s $50 worth of shoes or dress from their online shop.  You can get a chance to pick your favorite and that’s by simply following the simple mechanics which i will be posting on the next few days.  So, do come back and join.

Unique and Fashionable Shoes for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner and has been starting to knock on your door. The climate may seem unforgiving at times but we all have been waiting for the sun to finally come out and officially start the summer fun. Summer is one of the most favorite and most celebrated seasons there is.

Now that summer is hear, the dun and adventure will soon follow. Start enjoying the sun and plan your summer trips now. Whether you are up for a beach party or a walk in the park or just a simple pool party in your house, you definitely need to be fashionably glowing and beautiful under the scorching sun.

Be unique and start a new fashion statement by strutting your signature walk wearing gladiator inspired shoes. You could either choose among gladiator sandals, gladiator boots or gladiator shoes that would really be comfortable and fashionable for this summer season. You can check out Greek inspired footwear at where you can find a wide variety of affordable women’s shoes, accessories and clothing.


This type of footwear is really perfect for the summer especially fashionable shoes. Your feet are comfortable, you can still show off your cute toe nails and your feet can still breathe even when the sun is up and about. It can be worn all throughout the day -from a breakfast date with your girl pals to a dinner date with your guy. This footwear will definitely work well with you.
It is fun to be a girl during summer time. Besides experimenting with these unique footwear finds, you can also go through the website’s collection of fashion accessories and apparel that will match with your cool gladiator sandals and your extra-ordinary fashion taste. Check them out now and let me know what you love to have.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Every Occassion

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but her shoes would always remain to be her good old trusted side kick. A good shoe will bring you to places you’ve always wanted to go and even to places you just dreamed of getting to.

Just like any side kick, you need to choose a shoe that you could tag along to different places and different occasions.

Here are some simple tips you could follow in choosing the right shoe for every occasion that begs for your attention.

1. Always choose comfort over style. Never attempt to use a wedge on your hiking trip just  because it looks good on your floral dress. Wear shoes that are fashionably and practically  appropriate.

totally hot shoes,  fashion and passion for shoes

2. Little black dresses are standard wardrobes every girl should have in her closet. a little black  power pumps or stilletto would always come handy for these little black dresses you have. Follow the general fashion rule – always have a classic piece you could pull of for that “it” moment.

3. Never be afraid to mix and match. Fashion trends nowadays are very straight forward. So  yes, at orange mule will rock with your red jacket and your classic black tote bag. And no you  do not need to find a green crocodile skinned peep toe to match your newly purchased suitcase.


Imagination and creativity will definitely take you a long way.  Shoes like diamonds comes in different shapes and sizes. What creates a difference is the  confidence you emit as you walk the walk in those uber hot heels.

New Trends : 2014 Wishlists

Another year is about to end. Along with the change of calendar comes also the changes in the fashion trends. What awaits the fashion industry for year 2014, that’s what the usual question of every fashion lover.

As early as last quarter of year 2013, fashion analysts and designers have released the designs that will mark the world of fashion for the coming year. With regards to clothes, midi skirt is ‘in’ and mini and maxi skirts are out.

Midi skirt is preferred mostly by women who are bothered by how their legs will look on skirts because its length is just below the knee. Short legs and long legs will look perfectly awesome in midi skirts.

In footwear, flats are ‘out’, boots are definitely ‘in’. For people on the go who love their feet fully covered and protected by boots, this is what they are waiting for, there are different boot styles that you will surely love.  Here are some of  my favorite.

In colors, violet and other pastel colors will dominate the fashion glow in 2014. That’s why, pretty pastel shirt and blouses are definitely something to grab.

But famous designers, who have styles of their own and works autonomously, dictates what color will radiate in their runway.  Whatever styles and designs will become trendy for 2014, still consider comfort and durability of these fashionable items. Flaunt your own fashion style by mixing and matching your outfit and having the latest fashion trend as your guide, you can also visit Persunmall to learn the latest street style design. 

Chelsea boots – a timeless classic

Fashion changes with the seasons, but there are some styles which are classic, retaining favour with men and women throughout the years. Chelsea boots are one such style.

What are Chelsea boots?

Originating in Victorian times, Chelsea boots, also known as dealer boots, were originally worn for horse riding, growing in popularity with both men and women at the time. Chelsea boots are identified by their elastic sides. There are no buckles or laces and this gives the boots a stretchy, comfortable fit.

Famous appearances

Perhaps the most noticeable appearance of Chelsea boots was in the first three Starwars films. Not many people will have noticed this, but the boots worn by the stormtroopers were classic black Chelsea boots stained white!

Chelsea: Home of the fashion elite

Chelsea in London has always been known for its wealthy residents and designer boutiques, selling everything from Louis Vuitton to up-and-coming London designers and the recent smash reality TV show Made in Chelsea features Chelsea’s elite young things wearing high-end designer labels. Whether or not they would be seen wearing Chelsea boots is anyone’s guess – for anyone working a 1960’s mod look, they would be perfect with dark skinny jeans and a fitted tee. Anyone looking to buy Chelsea boots online will be spoilt for choice with the huge variety of colours and styles available to choose from.

Chelsea boots today

While they are an iconic, classic style, today Chelsea boots have moved on a little from the plain black versions which were once all the rage. A classic black Chelsea boot is still super stylish, whether paired with jeans or a dress, but today you will find heeled as well as flat versions on the catwalk and the high street. Chunky, stacked heel Chelsea boots make a great addition to a floral dress on a summer’s day. As well as classic black, you will find funky coloured Chelsea boots in a range of hues, from burgundy and brown for winter to blue and red for summer and everything in between! While Chelsea boots are traditionally made of leather, suede versions have become popular in recent years, with black suede flat Chelsea boots adding a retro twist to casual styles.

Enduring appeal

Part of the enduring appeal of Chelsea boots lies in their comfort. They are easy to slip on with no buckles or laces and thanks to the elasticated sides, they provide a stretchy and comfortable fit. Because they can be dressed up or down, Chelsea boots are a versatile footwear choice for men or women of all ages and will always hold a certain appeal for anyone who grew up in the 1960s or who loves mod fashion.

Paula Beattie is a freelance writer, who writes widely for fashion blogs and websites. Her main passion is footwear and she always recommends that friends and family buy Chelsea boots online to make great savings compared to the high street. She estimates that she owns more than 50 pairs of shoes.

Totally Hot Shoes – Sexy red Louboutin

Shoes, i so love them.  If only I have a chance , i would definitely buy all the designs and colors to match my clothes but since I have limited dress, perhaps that’s the first thing i need to get.

Here’s another edition of our Totally hot shoes,  it’s been a while and i totally miss this.  I have always admire Christian Louboutin’s shoes but honestly they are way above my budget.

Popular for their red bottom high heels,  this Louboutin shoes are definitely every shoe fashionista would love to have.  This red shoes is perfect for  night out or attending special  occasions but if your work requires you to look fashionable and i guess this is one thing you must have in your closet.

Totally Hot Shoes : The killer shoes

Spikes and studs are totally the latest fashion this days and would you love to wear something like this?


Romwe point rivets

I called it killer shoes because literary it can kill someone who come against you.   It was not just fashion but a shoes with a purpose and i can’t help but laugh to see what my friends would say when they see me wearing one.

romwe leopard flats

Romwe Leopard Flats

I have a stud shoes and many people compliments it when they saw them and i wonder what will be their reaction when they see me walking with this Romwe Leopard flats with a matching leopard outfit.  That definitely rocks for me.  Totally hot shoes, so tempting.


Totally Hot Shoes – Red and Gold Beauty

Here’s another post for our totally hot shoes.  Since it’s a love month, it is just appropriate and very relevant to feature red shoes that is not just totally hot and sizzling but can definitely rock your wardrobe and will leave a statement when you wear them.

Here are some of my choices which I definitely love to have.  They are indeed perfect for this Valentines Day , wear them with your little red dress or paired them with your pants.  You can even try to do that part of Kdrama Gentleman’s Dignity when the mean lead says to her girl, “that he loves to see her only wearing this” .

red and gold stilletos
Although the price on some of this shoes are freaking my hearts out, It would definitely a lovely dream to have them. 
1. Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell Dolly Platform Pumps – $884
2.  Paris Hilton Selene Red – $89.00
3. Alexander Mc. Queen Red Suede Skull hills – $ 1,075
4.  Truth or Dare by madonna Freidel – $ 120
5. Kvoll leather velvet red
So, have you made your choice?

Totally Hot Shoes – Manolo Blahnik stilletos

It’s been a while since i last posted my fave picks for totally hot shoes.  This time, i am sharing with you this fabulous stilletos creations by desinger Manolo Blahnik.

Manolo Blahnik passion for fashion

Before indulging your eyes on this beautiful stilletos, i have to dig deeper on knowing Manolo Blahnik and here is what i have found out, He was a son of a spanish mother and Czech father and was born in Canary Island.  In 1965 he moves to Paris and began scenography but on his visit to New York, upon showing his shoe design to the editor of American Vogue,  Diana Vreeland told her to focus her attention on creating shoes instead.

His creation was widely seen in Sex in the City, worn by a shoe lover itself Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker.  Now, i know why her shoes are really gorgeous.   In 2003, a book of his drawings published by Anna Wintour shows the great sketches he had created through the years.

manolo blahnik drawings

image source

Recently, in the movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola in 2006, models of shoes costume created by Blahnik was also highlighted the movie. Many Hollywood actress wear his creations on many occasions and i guess, not just me but even you would really wish to own atleast one of his creation.  His recent work which was inspired in London Olympics will surely be a great hit among shoes lover.

Olympic Themed Stiletto by Manolo Blahnik

 image source

Shoes for everyday use

Shoes has been one of the basic needs for everyday uses.  Whether it was flat , plumps, formal or rubber shoes.   There are many shoes that you can choose just like the new cheap new balance shoes that i have seen in the internet.

beautiful shoes for everyday use

This days, adorable shoes with high heels are very in demand.  I have seen some 9 inches heel up to more and I could not even think whether i can able to wear one of this.   It might be a tiring day to wear one but  owning such would be really a beautiful addition on my limited shoes.