Haute Hair for the Holidays

Christmas is a great time for merrymaking, but then it can also be a terrible season for stress. Work may greatly increase as the holidays approach; add to that a heavy rotation of parties, intense decision-making on what gifts to buy and frantic scheduling for gatherings.

All these frenzied activities may take a toll on your appearance, especially your hair. Your mane may tend to misbehave at this point, just when you’re about to attend one party after another. But don’t stress yourself out, as the acclaimed Japanese hair-care brand, SYOSS, gives you the haute coiffure pampering these holidays.

SYOSS offers professional hair care, styling and coloration that provide a wide range of benefits and solutions to help turn dreaded bad-hair days to experiencing great salon-beautiful hair every day. Isn’t that what every woman wants and desires?

Through its wide range of high-performing products that address the most common hair dilemmas of women in more than 50 countries, SYOSS stays true to its brand philosophy of helping them achieve professional hair care at an affordable price.

SYOSS contains a specially formulated hair-care technology called “Pro-Cellium Keratin,” which was developed by top Japanese hairdressers to provide treatment for damaged hair by penetrating hair strands and reconstructing them from the inside.

SYOSS lets you look sensational, as its shampoos and conditioners come in three variants: Repair Therapy, Moisture Intensive Care and Anti-Dandruff Control. Repair Therapy is designed to repair heavily damaged, stressed, colored or permed hair. Moisture Intensive Care is formulated to moisturize dry, frizzy and brittle hair. Anti-Dandruff Control contains Zinc Pyrithione, which fights dandruff from the first application while providing smoothness to the hair.

syoss hair

SYOSS also has a hair coloration range that provides perfect gray coverage with long-lasting and intensely vibrant colors. Women can choose among eight shades: Black, Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Dark Mocha, Medium Brown, Dark Ruby Red, Medium Ash Blonde and Extra Light Ash Brown.

No hairstyle is perfect for the holidays without a styling product’s final touch! The SYOSS hair styling products make it easy to achieve professional-looking hairstyles without going to the salon. Curl Control whip and cream give defined, long-lasting curls, full of perfect bounce and smoothness while Strong Hold wax provides mega-strong hold to achieve individual looks easily.

SYOSS also introduces a revolutionary new range, the Oleo Intense, which is an oil-infused salon-quality range for 100% intensive nourishment and color intensity. It comes in shampoos, conditioners and hair coloration products and hair replacement product.. The shampoo and conditioner, when used together, nurture your hair with precious oil that results to opulent shine and suppleness. On the other hand, the pure oil in Oleo Intense hair color intensifies the coloring action, delivering a higher amount of pigments, deeper into the hair cortex and maximizing the color efficiency.
Avoid the Christmas rush and let SYOSS make you look sensational this season. Find it at all leading supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide.

About Henkel
Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Beauty Care, Laundry & Home Care, and Adhesive Technologies. Founded in 1876, Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial businesses with well-known brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite. Henkel employs about 47,000 people and reported sales of 15,605 million euros and adjusted operating profit of 2,029 million euros in fiscal 2011. Henkel’s preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX.

Passion of a working mom : The best of me

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The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves

Fashion and passion always goes hand in hand and for a working mom like me, it’s always my passion to make my family happy and healthy.

I have experienced different changes in my life, from mild to drastic and a once ugly duckling evolve into a more mature woman.  Honestly, i’m not yet contented with my life but I have never been happier until now. It’s a delight to wake up in the morning with your kids and your husband beside you.  To end the day with a whisper of prayer of thanksgiving for all the good things the Good Lord had given me and my family.

Life can be a struggle, who doesn’t experience that?  We may be experiencing money problems but we have learned one thing, you need to talk it out so it won’t be the core problem in your relationship because at the end of the day, the most important thing in a relationship is not the material things but the trust and the happiness the family shared.  Money can buy happiness but true bliss can only be found when it was shared with people you truly love.

Valentine Madness – gifts for your love

Valentine is a beautiful day to celebrate with your special someone.  There are still many couple who believes that this is the perfect day to celebrate their love with each other. Whether married or in relationship,  I bet many couple had already bought a gift for their partner for this special day.

Finding that perfect gift can be crucial sometimes because of the thought that we wanted to make them happy  but if you knew what your partner love to receive, that wouldn’t be a problem don’t you think?

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Wedding Proposals

Before a beautiful wedding was perfected, wedding proposals are such a delight for every women in love.  I have heard different stories of wedding proposals and how it was done by their groom to be.  Some, just had an intimate evening dinner, others even take an extra mile to please their bride to be, just like a friend who I know whom his boyfriend proposed in the middle of a gazebo while they were being serenaded by a group of musicians hired by the guy simply for that special occasion.

Wedding Gazebo

Wedding Gazebo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you received a formal or informal wedding proposal, their is always a different story to tell.  I never had the formal one considering the fact that hubby and i had been living together for quite sometime before the period of so engagement.  Honestly, i don’t know if really had that period so to speak.

In some countries, wedding proposals are highly regarded, there are many Korean drama movies I have watched that they even had an engagement ceremony performed. In some country, wedding proposals had a certain ritual and they need to do certain tasks for their bride to be or in laws if that will be the case.

So, what’s your story to share?  If you have an amusement wedding proposals, share them with us and let’s have them featured here for every body to known.

Get Body Beautiful this Christmas

Who would not want a body like this?  If I would have any chance to achieve a beautiful body as this model, i would definitely grab the chance.  But diet seems very long for me and I don’t have any luck on exercising too. Maybe, it would take me for 30 years to 50 years to achieve this when i would just rely on my own effort and that means, I’m already old enough to wear a sexy dress like this.

Good thing, there are new technology that help you achieve this body beautiful. You can easily tailor your body to perfection with the help of Marie France Bodyline , there V’PRO would be the best answer for all my problems;

The V’Pro System combines 4 technologies into 1 treatment which achieves your desired slimming results faster!
  • Radio Frequency (Bipolar energy) increases collagen production to reduce the size of fat cells and stimulate metabolism.
  • InfraRed Light and Vacuum Therapy improves blood circulation and helps in collagen stimulations.
  • Marie France Bodyline’s specially formulated Body Peel and Contour Gel are massaged onto problem areas to help reduce cellulite and sculpt the body.
With V’Pro System, achieving my desirable curves is effortless. Now, what I only need is to find the nearest Marie France clinic to check out their price and see for myself the benefits that it will bring me.

5 Ways to Increase your Bust Size Naturally!

An Unrealistic Goal?

There cannot be many women who haven’t, at one time, dreamed of having fuller, firmer ‘perkier’ breasts. We may not want a bust size of epic proportions, just a little more curvaceous and enhanced so, without having to go for the surgical solution of breast implants with the hassle of finding finance for boob jobs, is there anything gentler and more natural we can try?

The Herbal Option

Many women swear by using herbal supplements which contain active ingredients to naturally support the body’s hormone levels, leading to the promotion of breast growth. For centuries herbs such as fennel and fenugreek, cumin, cayenne, saw palmetto and dong quai, have been used by women to naturally enhance the breast line, giving gradual, permanent results without any side effects. It is claimed that by taking one of these tablets, three times daily, women can expect noticeable results in just one month and experience the full benefits after 2-3 months of regular use.

Creams and Massage

Using a combination of creams and massage has also been shown to offer effective, gradual results when applied to the breasts on a daily basis. By massaging in a circular motion, for 3-5 minutes, it is thought to improve circulation and stimulate the blood cells, aiding growth promotion. Ingredients such as Pueraria mififica extract, a naturally occurring phytoestrogen, long used as an aid to breastfeeding and Sorbitan monostreate, found in Rowan Berries, are combined in the creams to deliver a natural solution to bust enhancement. Effects from the cream and massage routine will vary from person to person, but most women can expect significant results within 45 days of starting the treatment.

A little more Scientific

Taking the massage technique to a slightly more advanced application is the Bust Enlargement Device. The system works by emitting a low frequency vibration through two pads which are attached to the breasts, for 20-30 minute periods, 4-5 times a week. Inbuilt massage spheres produce 40-50 movements per second, penetrating into the breasts, stimulating blood circulation and encouraging cell production. The technique also encourages the strengthening of the chest muscles and ligaments, improving the posture and producing a larger, firmer and more contoured bust line. This system has received backing from the medical profession, has been developed from extensive scientific research and is said to deliver excellent results in just 3-6 months of regular use.

Back to Basics

For a totally natural way to increase breast size, try supplementing the diet with oestrogen rich foods and cutting down on ingredients containing too much testosterone. Foods such as pulses; chickpeas, lima and kidney beans, lentils and red clover as well as fresh fruit and vegetables can boost the oestrogen levels and ‘re-balance’ the hormones. Certain herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric, oregano, sage and cloves have, for centuries, been recognised as having a mastogenic effect, and were traditionally fed to women and girls in the Harems of the East, to better enhance their breasts for the pleasure of their master! By following these guidelines, a recent study of 8,000 women, showed an increase of two cup sizes was achievable in a matter of months

Good Old Exercise

Perhaps the cheapest, simplest and most effective way to improve the appearance and shape of the breasts is to take regular exercise. By boosting the body’s core strength and improving the posture and standing more erect, the bust line will lift and appear fuller and more toned, giving you the results you are seeking, safely and naturally and for free!

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