Tanning Without the Sun

One of the annual traditions associated with summertime is a great sun tan. There are more than a few reasons to show off a great summer look. Whether looking to prepare for a vacation in a tropical location, wanting to show off some great color, or trying to get that perfect look for a special event, sunless tanning offers the ultimate in convenience and safety for everyone. However every tanning salon is not created equal, and choosing a facility with high cleanliness standards, a professional staff, and multiple options, like Sun Tan City, can be a huge factor in a pleasant experience.


Cleanliness standards are something that every consumer should demand from their tanning salon. A clean and presentable atmosphere inspires confidence from the customer, and attention to the tiniest of details underscores a quality experience. In short, a clean facility is a place where customers and staff can feel comfortable and confident about the experience.

Professional Staff

Tanning salons with professional consultants can pinpoint the exact shade for a specific skin tone, which means that anyone and everyone will look their best after their sessions. In addition, interacting with polite and professional workers is the hallmark of a quality location. Instead of simply waving a hand or pointing at a booth, when workers take the time to escort customers to their locations and explain the options available the entire experience is much less intimidating.

Multiple Options

The days of a single setting tanning bed are long gone. Potential tanners should demand a customized experience with a number of different options. Those options do not apply to shades, but also apply to spray tans and types of tanning booths. Facilities that offer a number of different options transform a tanning appointment into an experience. After all, tanning should be an experience and not simply something checked off a to-do list.

In the end, finding the perfect salon with the right mixture of cleanliness, professional staff, and customized options is important. Not only can customers feel right at home as they embark on their busy day, but the salon can be a comforting experience that provides a few minutes of shelter from business as usual. No matter what the reason for visiting a tanning salon are, choosing the right one can often make the entire experience something to talk about and get everyone looking their very best.

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