Using MP4 to AVI Converter to Edit Your Beauty Videos

Many people like to save the beauty tutorial videos they filmed in MP4 format because the small file size makes it easy for online video streaming. The downside of MP4 format is that it is difficult to edit or update it in the video editor software. If you want your beauty tutorial video to be popular online, you need to frequently update it. You can save a copy of the beauty video in AVI format on your computer for video editing purposes but use the MP4 format for online video sharing.

Another disadvantage is that MP4 is not supported by the media players on the desktop. Usually, you will have to install a third party codec to enable the media player to play the MP4 beauty video. Your audience will be reluctant to download your MP4 beauty video because they know it won’t play on the media player on their computer. Most people will not bother to convert the video themselves in order to watch on their computer. It is best that you convert your MP4 beauty video in advanced so that they can watch it conveniently on the media player in their computers.


Using the MP4 to AVI converter to convert your beauty tutorial videos gives you a lot of advantages. AVI file is actually created by Microsoft in 1992. Microsoft designed the AVI file to be a robust audio/video file for the Windows system. The AVI file is designed to be compatible with media players that run on Windows. You will not have to install any codec to watch it on the media player on the Windows in your computer. It is the most widely used format by short beauty film producers because of the high compression ratio. The large variety of codecs allows you to attain a high compression rate. Besides, AVI file can provide high audio fidelity.

If you are thinking of creating a DVD that contains your beauty videos, AVI file format is the best option for you. You can use the MP4 to AVI converter to convert your beauty videos into AVI and create a playable DVDs. The Movavi MP4 to AVI converter has a feature which allows you to easily transfer the video files into a DVD.

Movavi software is an easy to use MP4 to AVI converter you can use to convert your beauty tutorial video. To convert your beauty video, you must first launch the MP4 to AVI converter and select the appropriate AVI file format from the Convert to list. There are a number of AVI file formats including AVI MPEG4, AVI – 480p, AVI – HD 720p, and AVI – HD 1080p. It is recommended that you choose the AVI – HD 720p. The higher the resolution you choose, the bigger the size of the AVI output video file size. After selecting the AVI format, you can click on the Convert button to begin the MP4 to AVI video conversion process. It can take a few minutes for the MP4 to AVI converter to convert the beauty video.

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