The Classic Beauty of Pearl Jewelry

Jewelry has been adorning men and women for thousands of years, and no variety has been more cherished than pearl jewelry. A simple design with the shimmering, exquisite beauty of iridescent pearls has long been the standard for classic elegance.

A basic, lovely pearl necklace is the ideal accessory for a high school girl’s prom gown as well as a grandmother’s anniversary dress. Likewise, a pearl stud will complement a young man’s first tuxedo as well as a grandfather’s fiftieth anniversary tuxedo. pearls are just one of my favorite accessories

Ideal For Any Occasion

Pearls come in an assortment of colors and styles and may even vary in shape. The most valuable and rarest form of pearl is the natural pearl created spontaneously in a natural habitat. Sometimes, a natural pearl may develop in a shape other than round and are known as baroque pearls; however, pearls are most commonly round.

And, with the high demand of pearl jewelry, most pearls are cultured pearls, created by mollusks that are farmed in a controlled environment. Otherwise, the rareness of pearls would make it prohibitively expensive for the young girl to wear to the prom or for grandmother to wear on Sunday.

Pearls are naturally created in freshwater mollusks as well as saltwater mollusks. While they may look similar and are created the same way from the same source, a microscopic object inside a mollusk, the quality and value can vary tremendously.

An Intruding Irritant Becomes A Thing of Beauty

The origin of a pearl is as a microscopic irritant inside a mollusk. With the irritant trapped within the mollusk’s inner folds, the mollusk gradually adds liquid layers to offset the irritation. It’s like having a small but pesky pebble under your tongue.

Humans can spit it out; mollusks cannot, so they cover it with layers that eventually harden and form a larger object, a pearl. A note of interest and word of caution: pearls will dissolve in vinegar; their chemical composition will break down and your lovely accessory will disappear.

Because akoya pearls are available in a fairly wide range of varieties and qualities, it is wise to buy from quality, reputable jewelry dealers. Online dealers like The Pearl Source carry exquisite pearl jewelry items in a number of varieties like Tahitian South Sea, Golden South Sea, White South Sea, Japanese Akoya and Freshwater.

Buying from a reputable, reliable jeweler ensures that you are getting the best quality for your money. The last thing grandma or the prom queen wants is to wear a phony pearl necklace.

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